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  • social media is word-of-mouth on steroids
  • if your business is not leveraging social media marketing,
    your business is not maximising its revenue


The concept of social media has been around for ages - even cavemen posted on each other's walls. 

The Internet just scaled this to a whole new level with more than 1.5 billion people on social networks increasing by more than half a million a day.

down under ONLINE offers social media consulting, creating campaigns for businesses via various channels to ensure effectiveness and revenue generation. 

We takes the time to personalise our clients social media campaigns to fit their needs. 

We are a full-service firm offering consultation and implementation for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and other social media outlets to ensure your business maximises its reach via multiple channels.

Social Media is Free
Why The Urgency?
Facebook 24 million unique visitors per day
YouTube 22 million unique visitors per day
Twitter 7 million unique visitors per day
Pinterest 4.4 million unique visitors per day
LinkedIn 3.5 million unique visitors per day
my space 2.6 million unique visitors per day
google+ 1.6 million unique visitors per day
Wordpress Blogs 11.6 million unique visitors per day
  The media space is considerably cheaper but immense competition requires effective content and ongoing customer interactions that involve time and financial investments
Initial Planning
It is essential to establish a vision for your social media marketing strategy and determine desired outcomes in order to create an effective campaign and choose the correct outlets.

What will you use social media for?
Will it be just another marketing channel?
Will you use it for real-time customer service?
Will the goal strictly be to generate revenues?

Focus of the Strategy
In order to have a successful strategy, it is important to not lose focus and aim to create a long-term social media strategy. If your strategy adds real value to the lives of customers then you will retain them.

Focus on the people and not the technology. The technology is not what drives revenues; however, having a consultant who can create connections and manage an effective campaign to reach the customers does.

Build conversations instead of focusing on campaigns. By interacting with customers and building long-term relationships you will be able to build trust and connection with them, which will eventually convert into higher and more consistent revenues.
Dominate the Competition
Beat your competitors and dominate the market by reaching your customers via at least 3 to 4 social media channels

Most business have none of the above
Some use a maximum of 1 or 2 channels
Rarely are tactics such as SEO videos implemented
Pinterest - hot new social media - great results

Implementation & Optimisation
Implement methods on-site to drive customers to your social media content and convert them into subscribers and contributors
Monitor your return on investment via various key performance indicators:
1. Sales/revenues
2. Number of referrals
3. Total marketing costs
Use analytical tools to reassess your social media campaign and implement new strategies in order to improve your return on investment

Promote Social Media
Links to all social media accounts through your full web site
Social media icons on all display advertising
Integrate into your mobile landing page
Discounts for customers who become fans on Facebook
Discounts for customers that become Twitter followers

Special Offers
down under ONLINE OFFERS THE FOLLOWING SPECIALS for social media consulting, creating campaigns for businesses via various channels to ensure effectiveness & revenue generation, implementation and on-going management.


700 Billion Minutes a Month spent on FACEBOOK
20 Million Applications installed per day
250 Million People interacting w/ FACEBOOK outside of the site a month

54% - Average number of likes per post on a brandís FB page
50% - Businesses that agree FB is beneficial for them
41% - companies using FB that acquired a customer via FB
67% - companies using FB that acquired a customer via FB

Posts build awareness / Comments increase hype
Likes build credibility / Fan Page following
Shared events / Improved Google ranking
Market offers/coupons / Integrate with mobile
The benefits of a targeted and effective campaign are many and reach far beyond direct revenue generation

1: Create a Facebook branding strategy
2: Build a targeted profile
3: Build a consistent follower base via a fan page
4: Create relationships with your customers
5: Convert customers via specials/discounts
6: Integrate FB on your mobile landing page
7: Manage the campaign over the long-term

340 mill tweets per day
140 mil active users
67% - Users who follow their favorite brand on twitter

Develop a social media brand and promote it
Interact with your customers
Figure out what people say about you
Hype up upcoming events or specials/discounts
Promote content or products you have created
Develop relationships with bloggers & journalists for PR
Generate potential client leads

1: Develop a Long-Term Twitter Strategy Step
2: Personalize & Brand Your Profile Step
3: Start Creating Value Adding Content via Tweets Step
4: Find Businesses to Follow in order to Network Step
5: Get Customers to Follow You Step
6: Effectively Convert Followers via Promotions Step
7: Expand & Engage Your Network

- Pinterest has experienced explosive growth
- The site offers an opportunity to target a different user base
- Companies are seeing unprecedented traffic to their own websites
- 80% of users  have bachelor degrees
- Females are typical users and make spending decisions for families
- 25 - 44 - typical age group
- Pinterest offers the opportunity to target a unique market

1: Develop a Long-Term Pinterest Strategy Step
2: Create your page Step
3: Start creating your boards while focusing on your brand
4: Build a campaign via daily pins Step
5: Follow users in target areas Step
6: Pin relevant images from your website to drive traffic
7: Continue with ongoing management
5 billion - videos streamed every week
35% - Year-over-year increase of internet video
2 Billion - Global video views per week being monetized

1: Create a YouTube Strategy
2: Create quality value-adding videos
3: SEO to ensure customers can find them
4: Brand your YouTube channel
5: Use annotations to increase subscribers
6: Post a bulletin
7: Monetize via YouTube ads
8: Connect to other social media outlets

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